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in Dallas, Texas since 1997

We provide WordPress Website Design, Website Reviews, SEO Reviews, Logos, Branding, graphics, promotional items and more.

Since 2000, we're the only link you need for marketing help!

In business since 1997, we’ve seen the marketing industry morph into an Internet driven business. Virtual Assistant, Anna Jones specializes in marketing your business online!

Our job is to evaluate your current marketing tools and assist you with web site design, social media marketing, e-zines, desktop publishing (postcards, flyers and brochures), search engine optimization and any additional tasks needed to take your business to the next level.


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Virtual Marketing Assistant

How many hours per week do you put in to administrative and marketing tasks? 10 hours per week? 20 hours per week? What if you could instead delegate those tasks to a specialist leaving you with an extra 10-20 hours per week to spend with clients, networking or with your family?

Anna Jones

Remote Marketing Virtual Assistant Services

The Virtual Link was a pioneer in the Virtual Assistant industry opening our doors in 1997. While many VA businesses open and close within a year or two, we are celebrating over 20 years in business. With over 20 years of executive administrative assistance and 15 years in Internet marketing, we are the one-stop-shop for all of your administrative and marketing virtual assistant needs!

WordPress Websites

WordPress Web Site Designer
Web Site Consulting
Web Site Reviews
Real Estate Web Sites
Web Site for Coaches
Web Site for Speakers
Ecommerce Web Sites
Shopping Carts
Web Site Hosting/Domain


SEO Consulting
SEO Reviews
SEO Management
Search Engine Optimization
Reputation Management
Competitor Analysis


Social Media Consulting
Social Media Management
Social Media Plan
Social Media Setup
Content Development


CRM Management
Email Marketing
Marketing Automation

Logo and

Company Logo
Custom Logos
Business Card Logo
Lettherhead Logo

Graphics and

Posters and Banners
Business Cards
Print Advertising
Web Advertising
Direct Mail Marketing

Domain and

Web Site Hosting
Hosting Set Up
Domain Registration
Domain Hosting
SSL Certificates
Web Site Security
Web Site Backups


Web Site (5 pages)
+ Hosting (1 year)
+ Domain (1year)
+ Built In SEO
+ Social Media Branding
+ Custom Logo
+ Business Cards (Design and Printed)
+ Printable Letterhead

All For One Low Price

We understand how serious cybersecurity threats are in today’s business environment.  One wrong click can bring your business to a halt!


We would like to offer you a free tip sheet “Social Engineering Red Flags to Look Out  For” to help you identify Social Engineering tricks!
Simply fill out the form and you’ll be taken to a page to download the tip sheet.