Digital marketing services for expanding businesses.

Digital marketing services for expanding businesses.

Digital marketing services for expanding businesses.

Digital marketing services for expanding businesses.

Website Audit Review Consulting

Website Audit, Review and Consulting

3 reasons to get a website audit:

  1. Website audits help to improve the efficiency and visibility of a website.
  2. Audit reports will show areas to optimize in order to increase site traffic and performance while improving Google search engine rankings.
  3. A website audit provides businesses with the data needed to increase visibility and growth online.


$ 199
  • On-page auditing
  • Site crawl analysis as Google, Bing, or Yahoo do
  • Core Web Vitals Audit (for Google Page Experience Update)
  • Identify issues that can affect search engine indexation

What You Will Receive

Whether you are just starting out your business or a Fortune 500 company, you want to have something for customers to see when they look for you on the Internet. We can design corporate images for a business that’s just starting out with a professional presence on the Web. Excellent for promoting and growing your business or organization.

  • detailed recommendations on how to boost your traffic quickly and easily
  • essential information, summarization and visualization options
  • improve conversion rate for SEO traffic
  • remove low-quality content from Google’s index
  • improve load times
  • confirm your webisite is optimized for mobile devices
  • resolve broken links/404s
  • improve on-site SEO
  • analyze backlinks


Once complete, we will email your audit report to you.  Next we will schedule a call to quickly review the report.  

To fix your website:

  • You can hire us to begin optimizing your web site.
  • You can take your report to your website designer to fix the issues.

In some cases, we will recommend a new website design. If you choose to redesign your website, we will apply the cost of your website audit to the new website.

Do you know how long it takes for your website to load?  The ideal load time for a website is one second.  More than three seconds and your visitors will go back to the search results and find a site that loads faster.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Does your site use duplicate content that can cause Google to penalize you?

Are all of your pages indexed in Google?

WordPress currently powers over 35% of the internet. WordPress also powers over 30% of the Top 1,000 websites on the web. With over 50,000 WordPress plug-ins that can be used, WordPress has become the most versatile content management system in use.

WordPress does not require software to be installed on your computer in order to manage, update or edit your website. Instead, you are provided with an easy to use backend interface. CMS systems allow you to update and edit your content/website without having to learn code.

One of the most common mistakes by business owners is wasting their time on keywords that are too compeitive – not to mention expensive.

Researching your competitor’s keywords can provide great insight to other keyphrases that you may not be optimizing for.

SEO places a huge emphases on link relevancy, link authority and back links.  The more relevant, high-quality links, the better!