Digital marketing services for expanding businesses.

Digital marketing services for expanding businesses.

Digital marketing services for expanding businesses.

Digital marketing services for expanding businesses.

Custom WordPress Website Domain Hosting SSL Certificate INCLUDED!

Custom WordPress Websites with Domain, Hosting and SSL Certificate included for one-year.

All of our websites come with custom graphics, domain and hosting. Located in Dallas, Texas, we’re the only link you need for a Custom WordPress Website.

Our quality website designs are fast-loading, easy to navigate, widely accessible, and search engine friendly. Our graphic images and photos compliment content without dominating.

The time required to create a website can vary tremendously depending upon the scope of the project. Custom Web sites include the following:

  • Custom designed website
  • One year of hosting
  • One year registration of domain name if needed
  • Organic, SEO techniques built in

We will design a professional website displaying your logo, photos, contact information, business hours, and info about your products and services.

responsive web site layouts

Affordable, Custom Designed, Fully Responsive Web Sites

Whether you are just starting out your business or a Fortune 500 company, you want to have something for customers to see when they look for you on the Internet. We can design corporate images for a business that’s just starting out with a professional presence on the Web. Excellent for promoting and growing your business or organization.

  • shopping carts
  • membership sites
  • educational learning
  • affiliate programs
  • data request forms
  • newsletter subscriptions
  • drip mail campaigns
  • photo albums


There are a lot of options that can effect the cost of a website. We need a good understanding to quote a price properly. Fill out our quote form and we'll contact you for additional information.

Domain, Hosting & SSL Certificate

Secure your data and transaction with SSL Certificate. Buckle up for the fastest hosting on the planet utilizing servers brought to you by Amazon. Every single website is fully-equipped with domain name, hosting and an SSL Certificate that can help you keep your customer’s data secure.


WordPress is Open Source (free to use) CMS (Content Management System) software.

WordPress does not require software to be installed on your computer in order to manage, update or edit your website. Instead, you are provided with an easy to use backend interface. CMS systems allow you to update and edit your content/website without having to learn code.

WordPress currently powers over 35% of the internet. WordPress also powers over 30% of the Top 1,000 websites on the web. With over 50,000 WordPress plug-ins that can be used, WordPress has become the most versatile content management system in use.

WordPress does not require software to be installed on your computer in order to manage, update or edit your website. Instead, you are provided with an easy to use backend interface. CMS systems allow you to update and edit your content/website without having to learn code.

WordPress is the solid front runner for website design for many reasons.

  • WordPress is easy to use, easy to navigate and does not require code to update or edit your website.
  • WordPress is a free open source platform.  There is not software to purchase in order to build a website.
  • Over 35% of all websites are using WordPress.  That’s millions!
  • WordPress websites can be easily migrated and transferred and you can easily hire new developers/designers to work on your existing website.
  • Google loves WordPress websites.  Better rankings are achived using WordPress in conjusction with SEO plugins.
  • Over 50,000 plugins are available to use with WordPress.  Some are free, some are not.  If you can dream it, there’s a plugin out there that can do it!
  • WordPress plays well with others.  SEO, shopping carts, membership sites, affiliate programs, security, backups – you name it, WordPress plays well with it.

WordPress has some cons to it – but the advantages far outway the disadvantages:

  • Hackers love WordPress because it’s an easy target if you do not keep your site updated and secure. A good hosting company will deter most hacking attempts. Keeping your website updated will secure the rest. Updates are important kids!
  • Most people can pick out a WordPress website because “they all look the same”… this is true if you use a free, generic theme. Invest in a custom theme so that your company will stand out against the competition.

The more plugins and fancy, shiny objects you add to your website, the longer it will take to load. I can not be any more clear about this.

While this statement is true, you can definitely reduce the load speed of your website by optimizing images, enabling caching, GZIP file compression, asset optimization to shrink, combine and store files on a CDN and so much more!

Every WordPress site uses a theme.

WordPress offeres several free themes that can be used and installed through the themes option on the dashboard. I only trust free themese through WordPress. If you find free themes through a Google search, you risk the chance of installing a theme with suspicious code. Be careful, always, when installing a free theme.

There are several places you can purchase themes for your WordPress website. Typical costs are $29-$99. My go-to is normally, but there are plenty of developers selling WordPress themes. Be sure to Google the developer/theme and check ratings.

Custom themes, again, use a theme but one that has been customized for your company. Custom themes are considerably more expensive and more customizable than buying a $39 theme and applying it. Also, some plugins do not work well with themes – so if you are working with a membership plugin already, you will need to ensure that it works well with your membership software.

First, let’s address what responsive means. Responsive means that the website looks good on desktop, smartphone or tablet devices.

Whether a website is responsive or not is entirely up to how the theme was designed. Most websites are respoinsive. The Virtual Link ONLY builds websites that are responsive.

With a diligent hosting company and keeping WordPress updated, your security worries are minimal.

We can help you set up your domain with WordPress or you can have your hosting company help you with this.

As mentioned earlier, websites require hosting. You can choose your own domain and hosting company. We recommend The Best Domain and HostingTigerTech or GoDaddy.

If you build it, they will come!  

No. No they will not.

  • We build in organic Search Engine Optimization techniques so that your website is structured to rank well on the search engines.
  • SEO is more involved than most people think. You will not launch your brand new site and end up in the top 10 outranking 1,000 other companies that have been online for 10 years. It takes time and effort to naturally and organically rank higher than others who have been working on SEO for years!
  • We have tips and tricks that we use to help drive your rankings.
  • We will help you get listed in Google and on Bing – Yahoo too if you like.

There are many things that go into finding a WordPress Designer and you will be investing not only money, but time into developing your new site. Make sure to find someone that works well with your needs.

  • Do you need someone local that you can sit down with occassionally? Does the idea of your designer being close by a “need” for you to feel comfortable? If so, Google “wordpress website desiner near me” to find local companies.
  • Review at least 10 websites and write down what you do or don’t like about them. Find a designer who’s work closely matches what inspires you.
  • You’re already here, give us a call or send us an email and let’s talk about your new website!

A few reasons we’re the best WordPress designer for your project:

  • We’ve been in business since 1997.
  • We live and breathe SEO and want you to be #1.
  • We have worked with entrepreneurs, small business and large businesses. We speak geek to the IT gurus and can translate geek speak to C-level executives.
  • We still hold a 5-star review on Google.
  • We only work with WordPress.